Alterations Cost

Alterations brought in on Tuesday will be out by the following Tuesday except during busy seasons

 Any alterations needed before the week’s end with be charged a $50 rush fee. No exceptions, please.

 We ONLY accept cash or checks for alterations payment. If payment with card is necessary, there will be a 5% processing fee. Payment is due before the service is performed.

Once leaving the premises, DGA Boutique assumes no responsibility of altered merchandise and no refunds are issued.  Final try-ons in the store are highly recommended.


 Dresses and Evening Gowns (Including Pressing and Steaming)
 Add Bling     $42.00
Add Corset Back (Per 7")  $109.25 
Add Darts         $34.00
Add Embellishments $29.00
Add Gel Cups     $66.70
Add Regular Cups     $43.70
Add Molded Cups   $102.50
Add Sash $33.00
Add Straps $27.00
Add Weight  (2) $23.00
Blind Hem (Single) $34.50
Stretch Pants Blind Hem   $25.00
Blind Hem  $69.00
Blind Hem with Lining $59.50
Blind Hem without Lining $32.50
Button Hole $7.00
Create Straps $28.00
Dress Hem (Short Dress) $34.50
Cut Crinoline $15.00
Cut Liner $15.00
Cut Tulle Layer $15.00
ESP Charge $25.00
Gown Hem $51.75
Gown Hem with Flourish $42.50
Chiffon Hem (Per Layer) $74.75
Chiffon Hem (12 yds) $93.75
1/2 Hour Handwork $42.00
Hardware $25.00
Hem Cotton $24.50
Hem Liner $24.50
Hem Jersey Liner $36.00
Hem Sleeves $74.75
Hem Tiered Skirt $63.25
Let Out $34.50
Lower Back (Per 5 inches) $83.00
Modesty Panel $40.25
Modesty Panel (to-go) $13.80
Raise Shoulder $34.50
Replace Neckline $86.25
Replace Zipper $52.50
Sew in Bra $40.25
Shave/Shape Hips $54.00
Shorten Arm Opening $34.50
Shorten Beaded Straps $34.50
Shorten Straps $24.50
Steam Charge $14.00
Stitched Hem $28.75
Take in at Zipper $75.00
Take in Dress $34.50
Temporary Blind Hem $42.00
Toe Hem $39.00
Two Snaps $25.00
Zipper Stop (5 in) $25.00
Men's Alterations
Men Blind Hem $34.50
Men Shorten Sleeves $28.75
Men Suit Hem $25.30
Men Take in Jacket $28.75
Men Take in Seat $25.30
Men Take in Waist $25.30
Tux Measurements $14.00
Perfectly Polished Dresses*
PP Add Crinoline $57.50
PP Add Darts $34.50
PP Blind Hem $34.50
PP Bodice Ring $69.00
PP Boning Adjustment $23.00
PP Bustle (Finger and Loop) $63.25
PP Bustle (Hook and Eye) $46.00
PP Cut from Long to Short (Plus $11.50 per additional layer) $40.25
PP Cut/Shorten Train (Plus Hem Charge) $86.25
PP French Bustle $86.25
PP Gown Hem $69.00
PP Hem (per layer) $40.25
PP Hem Detachable Train $92.00
PP Hem Layers with Train $51.75
PP Hem Lining (per 3.5 yds) $23.00
PP Hem Tiered Skirt $63.25
PP Modernize Dress (Additional Fees May Apply) $172.50
PP Remove Crinolines $28.75
PP Replace Zipper (Plus Material Cost) $51.75
PP Reshape Neckline $143.75
PP Sew in Shapewear $57.50
PP Take In Bodice with Boning $80.50
PP Take In Bodice without Boning $34.50
PP Embellishment Hem $68.00
PR Bustle (Hook and Eye) $34.00
PR Jersey Hem (1.5 yds) $46.00
PP/PR Rush Fee $50.00
PR Tack Front $24.50
PR Take In Bodice $46.00
PR Two Piece Panel (6) $72.00
PR Toe Hem $74.50
PR Tiered Jersey Hem $74.50
Wedding Gowns*
W Additional Hooks, Loops, etc. $25.00
W Add Corset $109.25
W Add Corset (9 in) $215.00
W Add Corset Back (Full) $167.90
W Add Crinoline $115.00
W Add Darts $69.00
W Add Gel Cups $82.50
W Add Wristlet $115.00
W American Bustle (Hook and Eye) $103.50
W American Bustle $137.50
W Balloon Hem $130.81
W Blind Hem $69.00
W Birdcage Veil $85.00
W Bodice Ring $46.00
W Bodice Ring with Boning $68.00
W Boning Adjustment $46.00
W Create Veil $65.00
W Cut from Long to Short ($22.50 per additional layer) $57.50
W Cut/Shorten Train (Plus Hem Charge) $172.50
W Darts with Boning $84.00
W Embellishment Hem $68.00
W French Bustle $149.50
W Gown Hem $74.75
W Hem Detachable Train $184.00
W Hem Layers $74.75
W Hem Lining $69.00
W Hem Tiered Skirt $126.00
W Hem Jersey Liner with Train $126.00
W  Hem Jersey Liner $74.75
W Lace Hem $300.00
W Measurements $25.00
W Modernize Dress (Additional Fees May Apply) $345.00
W Molded Cups $102.50
W Raise Shoulder $45.00
W Remove Crinolines (per layer) $57.50
W Replace Zipper (Plus Material Cost) $103.50
W Replace Neckline $287.50
W Rush Fee $100.00
W Sew in Shapewear $115.00
W Sew in Customer Bra $125.00
W Steam Charge $22.00
W Straight Lace Hem with Train $143.00
W Straight Lace Hem without Train $74.00
W Take in Bodice $69.00
W Take in Bodice with Boning $161.00
W Toe Hem $74.75
W Toe Hem (Lace or Chiffon) $129.00
W Tie Ups $35.00

*Perfectly Polished, Prom & Wedding Dresses

Not all prices on this list have not been adjusted for beading and lace work. Additional fees will be applied for gowns with beading, lace, and appliques around the site of the alterations.